Web Hosting

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

Understanding what these concepts are will help you make better decisions when it comes to buying a website product. Think of this like building a house. Registering a domain is like paying for a piece of land. You are allowed to change what sits on that land and no one else can put their content there. Web hosting is like actually paying for the house to be built, and the taxes that are required on an annual basis.

The following is a more technical explanation of these terms: A website is a series of files composed of text and images that are served to your device from a remote computer in the world called a server. Once your device has downloaded the files they are displayed in your web browser in a user friendly format. Web Hosting Fees pay for your right to store your website files on a server that is available to the public nearly 100% of the time. Unlike your home PC, these servers almost never shut down and are constantly listening for requests to serve.

Domain Registration grants the exclusive right for you to direct a URL to your server. Although this would make the most sense, sometimes you may want to redirect your site. You can make your website: Example.com go to Google.com and no one can stop you. You may purchase multiple domains in order to capture more web traffic. In this case you can send both domains to the same website.

Domain Transfers

It is common for our clients to have their domain registered with one company, their site hosted by a different company, and their email setup with yet a different company. This causes headaches anytime a change needs to be made and makes the odds of forgetting to pay someone more likely. Missing a payment means one or more services could go offline without you even knowing it. In order to avoid this we like to transfer domains and emails onto our servers so everything is in one place and one text or call away. In order to transfer a Domain away from your registrar we recommend you give us the credentials to your account and we can handle the rest. If you prefer to do it yourself however, these are the steps you would take:

  1. You need to login to your account with the domain/hosting company.
  2. Click on DNS settings or manage my domain.
  3. Click “unlock this domain”.
  4. Click “get an EPP or transfer authorization code”.
  5. Send the code to us in an email and we will begin the transfer process.

The process can take anywhere from 1 day to a week depending on what company we are working with. Throughout this time period it is important to check your email regularly for items regarding this transfer. Many times you will be required to authorize via a validation email that you really want this to happen.


When making a new website and transferring a domain, sometimes the old site will have links that don’t exist anymore. For example, “contact-us” has been changed to just “contact” on the new site. Google’s algorithm will notice this change and will penalize you for having 404 page not found errors on your site. In order to prevent this, we manually create 301 redirects that show the Google algorithm where it needs to go to see the new home of the old text or content. This actually increases your credibility with Google. Make sure you ask whatever company is transferring your domain if they will add the 301 redirects. If they don’t know what you are talking about, don’t use them.


Hosting Fees also pay for server backups. This means that once a week your website is copied to a different computer miles away. The advantage of having a backup is that if your employees accidently erase your website, your site gets compromised by foreign hackers or a virus, or if the unthinkable happens and the location of your server is physically destroyed via natural disasters or an explosion you can simply call Noble and we will restore your site to its previous glory and will reset your passwords to avoid further issues.

Email Hosting

Purchasing a URL gives you exclusive rights to using emails that include your domain name. An example of this would be info@noblewebdesign.com or support@amazon.com. We can migrate your old emails to the new site if you already have an email account and are getting an upgraded website. In order to work with Emails we can modify server files called MX records that tell your email where it needs to go. Email management is paid for by your hosting fees and comes at no additional cost.