Organic refers to the fact that website traffic flows naturally instead of being forced via money or large corporate intervention. This is the best type of traffic because it is more sustainable, free, and represents a healthy company. Even the best organic sites will still show up beneath the paid ads. However, most people already understand that the ads at the top aren’t always the best choice so being first in the organic list is still a huge plus. Read the following section to learn about organic Google Algorithm factors that play into your site showing up at the top of the list.


Showing up as number 1 on Google is no simple task. There are a lot of factors that play into getting the coveted number 1 spot. We will break them into two sections, organic and paid.

Google Algorithm

The following list includes, but is not limited to, many factors that play into showing up in first place on an organic search engine result list. They are sorted with regard to what is the most relevant.

  1.  Time – How long a website has existed – This is one of the biggest factors because it’s something that can’t be faked and is the backbone for the rest of the factors. The more time has transpired, the more data Google has to calculate worth. Similar to the more credit history you have, the better.
  2. Backlinks – Google logs every time a website it has indexed links to your site. The more the better. The logic here is that if other websites are referencing yours, then you must be quality. Again, this is something very
  3. Traffic – Google keeps track of how often people are clicking on the search result that leads to your website. The more people, the higher the rating.
  4. Speed – How quickly your website loads is directly proportional to its ranking on Google. To get lower load times, you can cache data, reduce image sizes, combine scripts, use file compression, implement a network distribution service like cloudflare, use lazy loads to delay loading larger items. This is one of the most important factors especially because you have much more control over this than the others.
  5. Mobile Friendly – Since most website visits are now happening on phones, your listing will almost disappear if you do not have a site that looks good on a mobile phone.
  6.  Content Is King – Google’s AI can now tell if your website’s content is original, contextually relevant, coherent, and whether or not it is useful. This means, if you know your stuff, show it with articles and blog posts on your area of expertise.
  7. Up to date – A website that is updated weekly will almost always beat out ones that are updated annually or less. A good way to do this is to write blog posts.
  8.  Browse Time – If visitors are immediately hitting the back button, it’s not a good sign. Google takes into consideration how long people spend on your site. The longer the better. This means you need to create content that is user friendly, attractive, and informative.
  9. Text to picture ratio – Make sure that you don’t have too many pages with just text, people aren’t into reading these days. Why should they be when they can learn what they need to from a video or a picture?
  10. Videos – Informative, and relevant videos contribute to a higher ranking website. If you’re going through the trouble of making a video, you must care more than those who don’t.

Google Reviews

Google reviews take the cake when it comes to organic search because they are a permanent asset to your business that humans use to decide whether or not they are going to use your product or service. People care what other people think and it is easy to see how a company treats people based on the reviews. Something you can do to improve your reviews is reply to your customers. Google notes when reviews are replied to and improves your ranking when you do.

Review Improvement Software

We have developed software that helps you generate more reviews and get more feedback as well. The system can be sent via text or email and presents a user with stars with which they can give you a review. If they choose a 1 2 or 3 they are sent to a feedback area where their complaints about your service can be quickly addressed but their review is not made public. If they click a 4 or 5 then they are sent to the platform of your choice where they can then type their positive and public remarks.

Inorganic or Paid Marketing 

Facebook Ads

Google Adwords

Make sure that your marketing firm knows when to use Google and when to use Facebook because they serve very different purposes.

Google  is king when it comes to service based industries. Think about it, when you need to see a dentist, do you go onto Facebook and scroll until you find a dental ad? No, you go onto google maps and type in “Dentist” then find one near you that has a lot of reviews and you go there. Google Review Software. Google uses more of the PPC (Pay Per Click) system which means that you are not charged unless someone actually clicks on your link. Meaning that your money is not wasted as often as it would be if you were being charged per impression(view).

Facebook is great for advanced data mining, tracking, and target marketing. You can customize audiences and make sure that only people of a very particular demographic see your ad. These demographics may include, but are not limited to, the following: Geographical location, age, income, gender, interests, buying habits, sharing habits, video watching habits, and much more. Facebook is the best place for showing off new or innovative products. Naturally, if the products are new, no one can Google them since they don’t know they exist, yet…

Facebook can be risky in that their algorithms are set to spend your money as fast as possible and since their system is pay per impression (view) it is possible to spend all of your monthly advertising budget and not get a single click, let alone a conversion or sale.

Facebook is great for Dropshipping which is where you can set up a website and purchase products at a low cost, then sell them for profit. Many people like to combine ali express ( basically Amazon but Chinese) and shopify using a Google Chrome extension called Oberlo. Oberlo automates the ordering system so that at the end of each day, all you have to do is click order on each person that has purchased your product.

Texting services

We have developed systems that allow Google calendar events to trigger automated texts for your clients. They receive a text a day before, and an hour before the appointment.

When clients don’t show up for their appointments an hour of your day can be wasted, time is wasted rescheduling the appointment and they are embarrassed that they forgot.

We have developed systems that allow Google calendar events to trigger automated texts for your clients. They receive a text a day before, and an hour before the appointment.

When clients don’t show up for their appointments an hour of your day can be wasted, time is wasted rescheduling the appointment and they are embarrassed that they forgot.

Consider the benefits of automation:

Lets pretend your office has 10 Meetings A day:

You want to send your clients 1 text the day before, 1 text an hour before, and 1 text after asking for a review. Supposing it would take 1 minute to compose and send each text, that’s 30 minutes your secretary is spending each day to do these important tasks. Even if they are only paid $10 an hour that is $5 a day you are already spending on this. Or $150 a month.

Texting appointment automation software allows your secretaries to use their time more effectively and do other things to help grow the business.

This service goes hand in hand with our review improvement software suite because you can send a review text to customers after they purchase your product or service. It is sent via sms which has over a 90% open rate which is amazing when compared to the abysmal open rates of email marketing.