Online Trainings and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems can be used for a variety of purposes such as the following:


  • Training Employees
  • Selling an online course
  • Renewing Annual licenses with online quizzes
  • Digitizing repetitive trainings or pen and paper information

A Residential Treatment Center who is required by law to keep their staff licensed and informed on policy uses an LMS to recertify their employees each year and train new employees.


An artist, car detailer, potter, and graphic designer all create a video series on how to do their job and then sell their digital course online for $200.


A law office uses an LMS to train paralegals on various codes and legal policies.



Competitive Advantage

First rule of gaining a competitive advantage is to be first. If someone else arrived first, then you still need to be first by changing your solution or product to offer something that makes it number 1. For example, Facebook was first but Instagram became first at mobile friendly design and thus captured a large amount of the market share.

Brand Identity and Story

People are more loyal to brands that they believe in. If you don’t know the big picture behind what you are doing there is no way your customers will. Figure out how what you are doing helps make the world a better place and them emphasize that in everything that you do.